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Offical guide to installing ESX Legacy.

Make sure you have successfully installed and setup your database before you start! 😄



Using Git

 cd resources
git clone



  • Extract the [core] folder

  • Place it into the resources folder in your server.

  • Extract the addons you have downloaded.

  • Create a [addons] folder in your resources folder.

  • Place the exacted addons into [addons].

  • Go into the [SQL] Folder from ESX Legacy:

    • Import legacy.sql in your database
  • Make sure you are NOT using any of these resources:

    • essentialmode
    • basic-gamemode
    • mapmanager
    • fivem-map-skater
    • fivem-map-hipster
    • mysql-async
    • QBCore
    • default_spawnpoint
  • Use The server.cfg provided or:

    • Make sure your server.cfg to looks similar to this
add_principal group.admin group.user
add_ace resource.es_extended command.add_ace allow
add_ace resource.es_extended command.add_principal allow
add_ace resource.es_extended command.remove_principal allow
add_ace resource.es_extended command.stop allow

ensure oxmysql
ensure spawnmanager
ensure es_extended

ensure esx_menu_default
ensure esx_menu_list
ensure esx_menu_dialog